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It is not rare that, with the arrival of the most sultry temperatures, the cat loses its...
2019-07-18 15:41:35
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Why do cats eat little in the heat?


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It is not rare that, with the arrival of the most sultry temperatures, the cat loses its traditional appetite.

Yet, despite the attitude is a source of understandable concern for the owners,

it is absolutely normal behavior, in the absence of previous pathologies.

This is what some British veterinarians reveal, as reported by Metro, in reassuring the many feline enthusiasts.

In a similar way to what happens to man, when in the summer passes the desire for abundant lunches and

instead we prefer fresh and moisturizing dishes, even the cat with l 'afa changes its power.

As Clare Hamilton explains, head of the Cherry Tree Veterinary Practice, felines are animals

usually experts in maintaining their nutritional and energy balance, the loss of summer appetite è

therefore only linked to the life changes that this season involves.In these cases, veterinarians

advise against obliging the cat to feed itself - a rather difficult fact, moreover, since the animal will hardly

listen to its owner's insistence. On the contrary, it is instead advisable to make available a source

of clean and fresh water, so that the animal can supply itself according to its needs.

Naturally, we must distinguish between the common summer inappetence with other problems, such as pathologies

in progress: if the cat appears to be too thin, it is affected by vomiting or diarrhea, as well as it is confusing or from

deambulating walking, it is essential to ask your vet for advice.

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