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To groom our dog is very important for his wellbeing The importance of regular grooming is not...
2019-07-30 16:19:14
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The importance of grooming

5 reasons to do grooming

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To groom our dog is very important for his wellbeing

The importance of regular grooming is not always known by everyone, especially by those who have a dog recently ... It is not just

a question of hygiene or health, but serves to build a good relationship with our dog.

If you get used to physical contact as a puppy, then it will be easier to treat it in the event of illness or after some accident

(for example if there is a small glass to extract from a paw, etc.) Here is a summary of the reasons why it is an indispensable practice

: both for long-haired, short, wavy or curly dogs.

1. The bathroom

A dog can be washed from a minimum of 3-4 times a year to no more than a couple of times a month.

Washing it too often is not healthy, as it weakens the protective film that forms on the skin thanks to

secretion of the sebaceous glands. It is a barrier that physiologically protects the dog from external agents (bacteria and

parasites) that if we remove it with too frequent washes it makes the dog weaker and would lead him to smell more, given that the

sebaceous glands would produce more skin fat to compensate for the situation.

2. Brushing

Certainly depends on the type of hair but there are often knots and felts. The knot can be easily removed in the long-haired dog.

Felts, on the other hand, are the “wool” coats that form in the undercoat of the dog. The felted dog suffers, the skin becomes irritated and gets there

nests all around. It is important to be aware of the fact that if you decide to take a dog at risk of felt you must

absolutely take it to a professional regularly.

Regular brushing keeps the coat healthy and also helps reduce hair loss inside the house.

3. To identify and treat any diseases as soon as possible

It may be that your dog is full of fleas and in your eyes you look perfectly healthy. However, a professional can

immediately identify any flea and parasite problems by carefully looking at the dog's skin.

4. Cleaning the ears

A professional knows exactly if and how to clean the dog's ears depending on the breed. The speech of non-
diseases visible to the eyes of a non-expert also applies here. Dogs can develop otitis easily, a disease that can make it suffer

and change its character too.

5. Nail cutting

Dog nails should be cut regularly for hygiene and health. If you can hear them "click" while walking in the house, it is

the time to do it. Too long nails can cause illness, physical discomfort for them and even make them

modify his posture (which in the future may cause him a number of other health problems such as arthritis).

Professional groomers are able to provide their customers with a complete service by offering scissor baths, shears, stripping and

cuts, all done respecting the standards dictated by the standard of race.

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