rong> How to interact with hand-fed parrots Owning a hand-fed parrot is truly fascinating,...
2019-07-30 16:11:58
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rong> How to interact with hand-fed parrots

Owning a hand-fed parrot is truly fascinating, especially because of the great affection and pleasant company

that these animals, with their incredible intelligence, can transmit. It is however very important, as for any other

animal, to know its particular way of interacting and communicating with the outside world, in order to have with the animal

the same approach that allows us to establish a peaceful relationship with him full of reciprocal exchanges of affection. In other

words you need to learn about his "language", which will also help us to interpret some of his

specific needs, in order to make his life better .

Let's see how ... ..

Parrots are often determined animals, determined and, although with differences from subject to subject and from species to species , often

rather aggressive, especially towards those who do not know, those who fear or those who cannot bear, perhaps due to

inadequacy of the approach, as previously mentioned . As always happens in nature, this atavistic behavior

behavior finds its valid justification in the fact that, unlike the most classic and

known pets, like the dog and the cat that are predators and behave accordingly, the wild parrots play

mainly the role of prey, so they are by nature and necessities much more shy, prudent and fearful, succeeding, in that way,

to survive more in their environm